-W Hotel Full Renovation to be completed spring 2019- value >6million

-Mt Vernon Woods ES to be completed Summer 2020- value 3 million

-Georgetown Visitation Prep School to be completed summer 2019- value 1 million

-Falls Church City Hall to be completed February 2019- value 2 million

-Henry Jackson Foundation Bethesda to be completed January 2019 value < 1 million

-Takoma Park MS addition to be completed December 2019 value <3 million

Currently, ME is actively bidding to get more work on the books. ME is always looking for new general contractors and customers to bid and work with--but not at the expense of our current general contractor and customer base. We have always been careful and calculating as to what projects we take on and not to over extend ourselves.

​Current Projects

The following projects are just a few of our current jobs.

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